Manteca Handcrafter’s Boutique

Local artisan craft show

Come join me on Saturday, March 17th from 10am until 4pm in Manteca for an crafters Boutique!

I haven’t been to this particular one before and was thrilled to be accepted! Over 70 vendors and every single one selling hand crafted items. A Central Valley Fair for local artisans with nothing “mass market”

I hope I have a little time to shop as well!

The vendor proceeds and raffle drawing go to support outreach efforts by First Christian Church of Manteca.

Located at 1125 North Union Road in Manteca

March – the Month to Create!

With all of the creative arts there is always something new to learn. Every fiber or yarn convention I make sure to sign up for at least one class. Although not all of them have been home runs, I learn something from each one of them (even if it’s not what I intended). I’ve also started taking, and become a huge fan of, online classes! I love these. The cost is minimal (compared to a convention or fiber festival) and I learn some great techniques!

In my email this morning showed up sales for two of the places that I take classes from; Interweave and Craftsy! So far from Interweave I’ve taken, “Table Weaving Made Easy” with, of course, John Mullarkey which was GREAT. I’ve made up four things so far and plan to make up more. The finished products look so complicated and they’re are surprisingly easy. I’ve also taken “Weaving Overshot” Since I was a little worried about weaving overshot, I thought this would be a good class and it is. I’m only part way through, but I have the project on the loom!

I’ve also signed up for double heddle weaving on the rigid heddle, a needle felting course, and different techniques on the rigid heddle.

Today they’re having a sale on classes for $5! I rushed back over there. I had on my list “The Gentle Art of Plying” by Judith MacKenzie (My favorite teacher), and “Spin your Stash” by Jillian Moreno. I’m thinking about “Get More Spun” and “Respect the Spindle” I’ve heard great things about both of those as well.

The link to the classes for $5 is here.

Then…to make a great day even better…Craftsy is having a free weekend on their unlimited classes! OMG! I have a list so long that I’ll spend the weekend watching. Between sewing, some great crochet classes and spinning classes, there’s so much to watch…and it’s free! I’m reviewing the basics with “Foundations of Spinning” “Foundation Crochet” “Sewing Wallets”… and those are just a few of the ones that I tagged to watch until the special ends. Sooo much to learn!

The link to the Craftsy free weekend is here,

I know what I’ll be doing in the airplane tomorrow!

Then posting my finished creations!

Fun with Amigurumi

Moving from winter to spring, the time for winter crochet is transitioning to spring crochet fun. So… Amigurumi time!

There is so much to choose from in the adorable world of crochet Amigurumi. About a year ago I made a little monster for my nephew when he was very into the matching book (I’m sure you probably recognize the “unnamed” monster. Such a well written pattern and free! It was such a fun project. You can find the free pattern here

Then was a little coffee cup, pumpkins, ghosts, and a host of other adorable creatures.

Recently for fun I made up a couple of very cute margarita drinks! Adding white seed beads to the rims for salt. An adorable idea and surprisingly quick to make up! You can find the pattern here. Although it does cost, it’s very reasonable and very well written.

It turned out so cute that I made another one and after someone asking, I’ve since added them to my Etsy shop.

As a spinner and a lover of all things wool, I couldnt resist making a couple of Alpacas and a couple of sheep. Although I had to tweak the sheep pattern a little, they turned out really cute!

The alpaca were just plain fun and the pattern easy to follow. By playing with yarn gist and hook size, I’ve been able to make the finished alpacas a few different sizes. It’s a little addictive. I think they turned out really cute and since I sell out every craft fair that I participate in. I’ve added them to my Etsy shop here. Or, try them yourself. Planet June’s great pattern can be found here.

Ive gone through a few sheep patterns that I really haven’t been happy with. I finally decided on this one. (It’s free) they came out really cute and adding a little bell was a fun idea. I think next time I may add some fabric before the stuffing to give it a more finished look. But they are proving popular and I haven’t had a chance to get back to redesign them. But they are so darn cute, I had to add them to my site.

I’m next in search of a cute rabbit amigurumi. After all, I raise and rescue rabbits at Cottontail Farms, So of course I should create some cute rabbits. But, I cant seem to find a rabbit pattern that I really like. If you find one, let me know. I would love to try one.

The next on my list maybe a car . My sweet nephew is really into cars so that is on my list as well.

In a nutshell. if you haven’t tried amigurumi, you are missing something fun. They are fun, adorable, and certainly great conversation starters. Not to mention that the ideas are endless.

If you do, post a picture, I’d love to see what you came up with!

Happy 2017!

UCWDC World Championships

Although the holidays are always fun, the calm and return to routine is always nice. img_2240-1We’re back from Nashville and the UCWDC World Championships. I did clench the world points championship in two divisions… I couldn’t be happier about it!

Crochet Ponytail Hats

I did manage to finish a couple of hats on the trip. Two ponytail hats came out really cute. I’ve added them to my Etsy site.  I decided on acrylic since I have so img_2288much of it and the stretch is nice. Next on the list will be an alpaca/wool mix. I think with a fun ball on the top of the hat. There’s always room for a pompom hat in any wardrobe 😉

Mohair Preparation

I started washing up the Angora goat that I picked up at Fibershed in November. I hadn’t spun Mohair before and I’m img_2309a little surprised at how slippery it is. I’m not sure what I was expecting. It is, of course, soft and wonderful. It reminds me so much of Angora rabbit and even more of Alpaca. It’s from a soft yearling and I love the curls. I played with some prep. Combing turned out beautiful results, but my hands could not take it. I tried carded a little, but I feel like it lost too much of it’s curly personality. My plan it to flick it out with the minimum prep possible.   Right now with the cold, wet weather I can’t get it to dry quick enough. It’s nothing like washing wool in the California sun. I may have to save all of my wool processing for warmer times. I’m really not sure how long the drying process will take. But, it’s not going to go nearly quick enough.

Angora Rabbit Shearing

Oh my is Daisy past her shearing time. I can barely find her under all of that wool! I’m hoping to head up to Bungalow Farms this weekend since my poor baby desperately needs a shearing. I’ll be making her a coat this week to keep her warm after her haircut. If I had more time it would certainly be something cute…but with the lack of time and the rough pattern outline, I think the first one will be an interesting prototype.

Needle Felting Mushrooms

While I was sick with my annual Christmas cold. I did some needle-felting. The little mushrooms that I came up with turned out SO adorable that I think I’m going to make up some to add to the Etsy site. Since I wasn’t enjoying spinning up the BFL, I decided to take a little of it for felting. It really was the perfect colors and worked so well. I won’t mention how many times I poked myself. But, I was pretty thankful for the finger guards that I picked up from Amazon!  In my opinion, they were worth every penny!

New Shaving Soaps

This week I’m excited to try some new shaving soaps. Lots of bubbles and I plan to add a little soft, smooth clay. Stay tuned!