March – the Month to Create!

With all of the creative arts there is always something new to learn. Every fiber or yarn convention I make sure to sign up for at least one class. Although not all of them have been home runs, I learn something from each one of them (even if it’s not what I intended). I’ve also started taking, and become a huge fan of, online classes! I love these. The cost is minimal (compared to a convention or fiber festival) and I learn some great techniques!

In my email this morning showed up sales for two of the places that I take classes from; Interweave and Craftsy! So far from Interweave I’ve taken, “Table Weaving Made Easy” with, of course, John Mullarkey which was GREAT. I’ve made up four things so far and plan to make up more. The finished products look so complicated and they’re are surprisingly easy. I’ve also taken “Weaving Overshot” Since I was a little worried about weaving overshot, I thought this would be a good class and it is. I’m only part way through, but I have the project on the loom!

I’ve also signed up for double heddle weaving on the rigid heddle, a needle felting course, and different techniques on the rigid heddle.

Today they’re having a sale on classes for $5! I rushed back over there. I had on my list “The Gentle Art of Plying” by Judith MacKenzie (My favorite teacher), and “Spin your Stash” by Jillian Moreno. I’m thinking about “Get More Spun” and “Respect the Spindle” I’ve heard great things about both of those as well.

The link to the classes for $5 is here.

Then…to make a great day even better…Craftsy is having a free weekend on their unlimited classes! OMG! I have a list so long that I’ll spend the weekend watching. Between sewing, some great crochet classes and spinning classes, there’s so much to watch…and it’s free! I’m reviewing the basics with “Foundations of Spinning” “Foundation Crochet” “Sewing Wallets”… and those are just a few of the ones that I tagged to watch until the special ends. Sooo much to learn!

The link to the Craftsy free weekend is here,

I know what I’ll be doing in the airplane tomorrow!

Then posting my finished creations!

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