Angora Shearing Day

Daisy had her 9 month shearing this last weekend. She is SO much happier with the ability to move around. Actually, I think she’s barely stopped moving. And only 2 days in and she’s already growing it back. 

Using the link in the IAGARB website, I made her a coat with some heavy duty fleece fabric from Joanne Fabrics. Actually, I made three sizes since I really couldn’t estimate the size I’d need. But the large worked fine and by day 2 she’s almost ready to be out of it. 

Her fiber, I have to say, is stunning. It is as soft as a cloud, the staple length is impressive at approx 4 inches and the yield was over 480 grams (or over 16 oz). Which is really amazing to me for only 3 month’s of growth.  

My plan was to mix it with Merino. But, I’m a little torn and may just spin it as is. 

There’s certainly enough to test both ways. Which alone will be a great experiment. I’ll probably crochet it up in a simple scarf as soon as I’m done spinning up some glitzy yarn to get up on my ETSY site. I guess I better get started though afterall, It will grow back fast! 

4 thoughts on “Angora Shearing Day

  1. Can you give me measurements for the coat? I can’t tell if my printer is printing at the correct size and the original link to the pattern on IAGARB is broken- or at least is not working on my device.

    • The printer cuts off their directions. So I had to guess at the remainder of the pattern I made up three sizes. And the medium was good for the six month old but the large ( I made it larger that it said to worked well for the two big ones. I’ll take some pictures and post measurements so it’s less of a guessing game 😊

  2. Also your bunny is so huge and gorgeous! I am a new bunny owner and ours are hybrid German/English Angora. They were just born in May and I am realizing that I need to shear them now and we still have a lot of cold weather coming here.

  3. Thank you! Congratulations on your bunnies! I bet they’re beautiful! I’ll have to post a shearing video next time. I tend to leave more on the bunny than most people so I usually get less than 12 oz. but I’m fine with that. In cold weather I also like leaving a little more on. Make sure you have little sweaters for them. It’s a big change to go from a really warm wool coat to none at all and they get chilled easily. You can make some pretty quick from fleece using the directions from International Association of German Angora Rabbit Breeders (IAGARB).

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